State Franchise Sales Laws

The offer and sale of franchises is regulated by the laws of 15 states. These laws potentially apply to a franchise sale if the offer is made in the state, the offer is accepted in the state, the franchisee is domiciled in the state, and/or the franchised business will be operated in the state.

Below are links to the state franchise sales laws and other state guidance.

California Franchise Investment Law

California Administrative Code, Franchises

Hawaii Franchise Investment Law

Hawaii Rules under the Franchise Investment Law

Illinois Franchise Disclosure Act of 1987

Illinois Franchise Disclosure Act of 1987 and the Rules made pursuant to the Act

Indiana Franchise Act

2007 June 8 Administrative Order – Electronic Filing of Franchise Disclosure Documents

2006 May 10 Administrative Order – Franchise Waiver of 30-day renewal period

2001 June 4 Administrative Order – Franchise Registrations by Notification

1997 December 24 Administrative Order – Franchises Offered on the Internet, but Not Sold in Indiana

1996 November 19 Administrative Order – Franchise Isolated Sale Exemption

2005 October 25 Statement of Policy Regarding Electronic Delivery of Franchise Disclosure Documents

Maryland Franchise Registration and Disclosure Law

Code of Maryland Regulations, Franchise Registration and Disclosure

Michigan Franchise Investment Law

Minnesota Franchises Law

Minnesota Administrative Rules

New York General Business Law, Franchises

New York State Franchise Regulations

North Dakota Franchise Investment Law

Securities Commission Holding of Unfair, Unjust or Inequitable Business Practices


Oregon Franchise Transactions

Rhode Island Franchise Investment Act

South Dakota Franchise Investment Law

Virginia Retail Franchising Act

Virginia Retail Franchising Act Rules

Washington Franchise Investment Protection Act

Washington Regulations – Franchise Registration

Washington Regulations – Franchise Broker

Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law

Wisconsin Administrative Rules – Definitions

Wisconsin Administrative Rules – Exemption and Registration of Franchises

Wisconsin Administrative Rules – Fraudulent and Prohibited Practices

Wisconsin Administrative Rules – General Provisions

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